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Enhance Data Protection By Restoring Trust in the Inbox

Mike Jones March 9, 2016 Email Security
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When it comes to cyber-resilience, a one size approach does not fit all. The threat level is rising as attacks become more frequent and complex. Cyber criminals use multiple attack vectors to gain the intelligence and access necessary to penetrate a company’s defenses. In particular, sophisticated, targeted email attacks that are aimed at specific employees are one of the most commonly used techniques and among the most damaging problems to plague businesses.

Cyber-savvy organizations that are investing in data protection realize that removing the threat of malicious email, and building trust in the email channel is a top priority. As the cyber security threat continues to grow, they need a solution that adds trust back into the email ecosystem. And that solution will need to leverage both sophisticated data science and email security intelligence, if it’s going to truly block phishing emails from reaching senior executives and employees. Fortunately, the Agari platform gives us the unique ability to address this problem and provide new solutions.

Protecting your corporate and customer data requires constant attention and spear phishing is not the only attack vector businesses must address. There is not a single solution available that can solve the breadth of the data security problem. What’s needed is multiple controls – a cocktail of complementary solutions that provides a multi-layered approach to cyber security where prevention, early detection, attack containment, and recovery measures are considered together. This is an approach that Agari fully supports, and in fact has helped drive our collaboration with many others in the cyber security space, e.g. the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), whose mission is to enhance online trust and empower users.

To learn more about the OTA and what they are doing to promote data protection and enhance consumer trust, check out their 2016 Data Protection and Breach Readiness Guide.

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