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Frost Radar Names Agari as a Leader in Email Security

Seth Knox April 28, 2021 Email Security

Three months ago, when I joined Agari as the Chief Marketing Officer, I knew that I was joining a leader in email security. I knew this partially because I worked for Agari from 2016-2019 during an exciting time of change for the company. But my time away from Agari made me realize how much it has to offer its customers and partners, which is ultimately why I decided to return.

And I’m thrilled to announce that Frost & Sullivan has ranked Agari as a leader in our space. With the release of the Frost Radar for Email Security, Frost & Sullivan has determined that Agari is a leader in the industry, based on having the highest three year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2%, as well as our vision and strategy focused on identity-centric email security solutions. An important note is that Agari has the highest CAGR among all twelve vendors mentioned in the report—a key statistic as we move into 2021.

About the Frost Radar

In a field of more than 34 global industry participants, Frost & Sullivan independently plotted the top twelve companies in this Frost Radar™ analysis. Parameters assessed in the analysis included innovation scalability, product portfolio, revenue growth, research and development, and more.

Frost & Sullivan chose Agari as a leader due to strong performance by the Agari Identity Graph—our machine learning modeling at the heart of our products—and the threat intelligence research produced by the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division. Add in the launch of Agari Active Defense, the only threat intelligence platform that provides your team with real-time intelligence on current BEC attacks, and it’s easy to see why Agari pulls ahead of the competition.

Placement of Agari on the Frost Radar.

“Agari’s vision and strategy to create identity-centric email security solutions for inbound email has aligned perfectly with the increase in phishing and BEC attacks,” said Tony Massimini, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The Agari Identity Graph and Agari’s identity-centric machine learning modeling allows their solution to model the good behavior, thereby detecting the bad behavior to more accurately drive risk scores.”

In an industry that is filled with competitors, it’s an exciting time to be recognized for our continued growth and innovation. It’s quite an honor for our vision to be validated by our customers, our partners, and now by Frost & Sullivan. We look forward to continued growth, and continued recognition, as we serve our customers, partners, and the entire cybersecurity community to help humanity prevail over evil.

Want to learn more about the Frost Radar for Email Security? Download the entire report and see why Agari was recognized.

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