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The Secure Email Cloud architecture gives your employees, customers, and partners the confidence to open, click, and trust everything in their inbox.


Accelerate digital business by establishing trust in email communications, increasing revenue, and improving employee productivity.

Protect your brand by easily and quickly implementing DMARC authentication.

Stop advanced email threats including business email compromise, spear phishing, and account takeover-based attacks.

Automate incident response and remediation to continuously defend against breaches.

Deter cybercriminals by gathering counterintelligence and providing it to law enforcement.

The Agari Advantage

The Agari Identity Graph™ uses predictive artificial intelligence to model trustworthy communications, based on 300+ million daily updates.

Machine learning models personalize threat detection to provide adaptive email protection.

Continuous detection and response technology dynamically analyzes emails already delivered to inboxes based on new threat intelligence sourced from the Agari SOC Network.

Intuitive dashboards show advanced analytics, allowing you to quantify the value of protecting your email channels.

More than half of all businesses have migrated their email and productivity tools to the cloud. Now, it is time for email security to move into the cloud era to stop the latest generation of cyberattacks that camouflage themselves within trusted communications.

Modern cybercriminals are evading legacy secure email gateways (SEG) and first-generation advanced threat protection systems that can only stop known attacks when emails are delivered. In contrast, the next-generation Secure Email Cloud is built on predictive AI that continuously detects, protects against, and responds to advanced email attacks by leveraging massive data sets, data science, and the power of cloud computing.

Advanced threats (such as ransomware and business email compromise) are easily bypassing the signature-based and reputation-based prevention mechanisms that a secure email gateway (SEG) has traditionally used.

– Gartner Market Guide for Secure Email Gateways ID G00320003

Stop Email Attacks with Predictive AI

The Secure Email Cloud is the first advanced email security solution that can detect, protect against, and respond to new and emerging threats so that humanity prevails over evil. The Secure Email Cloud product suite includes:

Agari Brand Protection™: Protects brands from being used in phishing attacks against consumers, avoiding fraud costs and improving email marketing effectiveness.

Agari Phishing Defense™: Prevents advanced email attacks like business email compromise and account takeover-based threats from being delivered to employee inboxes.

Agari Phishing Response™: Automates the process of phishing incident response, remediation, and breach containment.

Agari Active Defense™: Deters cybercriminals by baiting them into giving up intelligence about their identity, tactics, and victims.

With the adoption of Agari, we are enhancing our employees’ overall trust level in their email, taking the safety and security of our members, clients, and employees to the next level.

– Chief Security Officer, Aetna 

Powered by the Agari Identity Graph™

The Agari Identity Graph is a high-performance graph database of relationships and behavioral patterns between individuals, brands, businesses, services, and domains using hundreds of characteristics to define trusted communications. With Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology, the Agari Identity Graph is constantly getting smarter as it uses human-vetted threat intelligence from the world’s top SOCs to automatically discover and remove advanced email threats from inboxes.

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