Email phishing is the go-to attack used to target your workforce and supply chain. These attacks have been a boon for cybercriminals with reported fraud losses in excess of $26B between 2013 and 2019 according to the FBI/IC3.

Why Agari

Identity-Deception has Changed the Game

Cybercriminals have learned to bypass traditional security controls and outsmart even highly trained professionals with fake messages disguised as trusted individuals and brands. By doing so, they prompt unsuspecting employees to take action.


Protect Your Employees

Agari Phishing Defense prevents these threats from reaching employee inboxes by scoring every message flowing into and within the organization to defend against these low-volume,  highly targeted identity deception based attacks.

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Analyst Research
The Total Economic Impact™ of Agari Phishing Defense™
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Prevent Impersonation

Keep your employees safe by preventing email impersonation of your CEO and other key executives.

Stop Unique Attacks

Stop never-seen-before attacks from exploiting security gaps in your organization.

Detect Account Takeovers

Discover attacks from compromised email accounts before they result in financial or information loss.

The Agari Advantage

Industry leaders  count on Agari to avoid the cost and business disruption that comes from rapidly evolving, identity-deception based attacks.

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White Paper
Agari Identity Graph™: The AI Engine Powering the Secure Email Cloud
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Signature-based email security controls inspect incoming messages for recognizable payloads such as viruses, Trojans and Malware that have been previously reported. Modern attacks often come as plain text email messages with no recognizable payload.

To stop phishing-based threats at scale, Agari Phishing Defense takes a new approach with the Agari Identity Graph at its core.

By uniquely learning sender-receiver behavior to model “the good”, Agari Phishing Defense can quickly detect “the bad” to identify and stop spear phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) attacks.

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Solution Brief
Account Takeover Attack Prevention
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Credential phishing attacks trick employees into thinking they need to log into a site or application to access information. Not realizing these look alike logins are fake, the victims willingly give up email and password.

This typically leads to email account takeover – one of the hardest email threats to detect because follow-on attacks are launched from legitimate email accounts within your organization or at business partners.

Unlike most email security controls, Agari Phishing Defense inspects all email messages flowing between employees to detect low-volume, highly targeted email attacks from compromised accounts and prevent them from spreading within your organization.

solution briefs
Solution Brief
Agari Continuous Detection and Response
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Phishing and BEC attack tactics are constantly evolving. Some threats also activate post-delivery by weaponizing links after the emails pass security controls and lands in employee inboxes.

To neutralize latent phishing and BEC scams that evaded initial detection and have been previously delivered to the inbox, Agari Phishing Defense continuously scans employee inboxes for the latest indicators of compromise (IOC) drawn from research conducted by the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID).

The ACID BEC feed is the industry’s first and only globally sourced, expert-curated intelligence on emergent BEC attacks.

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solution briefs
Solution Brief
Secure Office 365 with Agari
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Email environments are notoriously complicated. Most organizations need constant access to email and work to eliminate any single point of failure.

Agari Phishing Defense is a cloud-native application that uses an API integration to quickly deploy along-side all secure email gateways to protect Office 365, G Suite or Microsoft Exchange environments (on-premises or hybrid) from phishing attacks.

Agari Phishing Defense does not sit “in-line” with your messaging flow, removing any risk of disrupting your mission-critical business communications.

KnowBe4 & Agari: Transforming Phishing Protection
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Most experts agree that a layered approach to security provides the best defense. Too often security vendors interpret this as one technology stacked on top of another.

At Agari, we believe cyber security training is an important part to fight phishing attacks, and we’ve partnered with KnowBe4 to make their industry-leading phishing simulation and training even better.

Agari solutions detect email attacks that evade legacy defenses. Our continuous detection and response technology provides process workflow to help clear the inbox of latent threats that evaded initial detection. With security awareness training by KnowBe4 we are able to provide a unified approach to email security that encompasses not just technology, but the people who use it and the processes they need to defend against even the most advanced email attacks.

Simulated Product Demonstration

Try this simulated product demonstration to see why companies including Allergan, Comcast, and Informatica use Agari Phishing Defense™ to protect their inboxes.

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